Pittman, Poirot and Morrell, teaming up at 42 Bar and Table.

Andre Poirot, formerly of the Peabody Little Rock and Crowne Plaza Little Rock, will assume the job of executive chef at 42 Bar and Table on Monday.

With a name like Poirot, he’s sure to have all the little gray cells needed to solve your dining needs. He’ll be joined in that endeavor by pastry chef Jeremy Pittman and restaurant chef Jason Morrell. Pittman was co-owner and chef of the Pizzeria in the Heights and previously owned Palette Catering and Gourmet to go. Morrell was chef and owner of Starving Artists Cafe from 2006-14 and was at Sonny Williams Steak Room and Simply the Best Catering before that.


Poirot trained in France and the U.K.; Pittman is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and Morrell graduated from the Florida Culinary Institute.

No menu changes will be made until after the holidays, Mike Selig, the director of food, beverage and events for the Clinton Foundation, said.