The latest new thing coming to the East Village is a coffee shop (as yet officially named) in the former Rocktown Distillery building at 1216 E. Sixth St., where Rock Dental Brands is relocating. The plumbing permit, pulled by Cromwell Architects Engineers, tags the entire remodeling project “The Distillery,” as does the East Village website image.

The coffee shop will face Shall Avenue, across from Cathead’s Diner, and will include a roasting area that will be visible behind big glass windows. A patio on the corner will connect to the coffee shop when a vintage garage door is rolled up, architect Hrand DuValian, with the Cromwell Architects Engineers, said. The eatery goes with the “new vibe we have here in the village,” DuValian said. The shop should be open “April-ish,” he said, so look for it in June.


Cromwell’s remodeling of the old Sterling Paint factory on Sixth Street was key to the neighborhood development, which is just south of Heifer International headquarters. Rock Dental Brands is moving from its office on Clinton Avenue, in the building that once housed the Clinton Museum Store. Rocktown Distillery has moved to 1201 Main St., in SoMa.