It’s official: Downtown Little Rock is getting an axe-throwing place. Civil Axe Throwing, which has locations in Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee, is opening Thursday, Aug. 1, at 107 E. Markham St., just across from the Statehouse Convention Center.


I spoke via email with Scott Brewster, vice president of sales and marketing for Civil Axe Throwing, who took some time to answer my questions with exemplary professional enthusiasm and no less than four axe-related puns.

Tickets are $20 per hour, per person, and you’ll need to leave anyone 13 and under at home. Excepting its Memphis location, which partners with an arcade/pizzeria called Rec Room, Civil Axe Throwing venues allow you to bring in outside food and drinks (including beer and wine, but no hard alcohol). The goal, Brewster says, is to increase food sales for its neighbors. (And, as Civil Axe’s Little Rock location is neighbored by a novelty donut shop and a wallet-friendly sushi place, there’s no need to throw on an empty stomach.) Check out the other rules and regs here.


You opened up a location in Jonesboro about a month ago, and we haven’t heard tell of any axe-adjacent mishaps. Does that mean all is going well?

Yes we are AXE-tremely thrilled with our recent opening in Jonesboro. The team has really come together to deliver an AXE-ceptional environment that guests are truly enjoying from start to finish. We have a bright future in that community.


Axe throwing: How safe is it? Do throwers sign some sort of waiver, like we do when we take those “Ultimate XXXtreme Ghost Pepper Pizza” challenges?

Yes, all guests must sign a liability waiver prior to throwing. Safety is paramount to Civil Axe Throwing. The Civil Axe Throwing mission is to offer the most fun, safe, and value-added entertainment experience for every customer that walks through our doors. Our vision is to be the recognized and standard of A

xe Throwing Experience. Being a standard means we will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction, and innovative entertainment experiences.

Why do you think people like to throw axes? Does the fact that folks are hungry for this sort of entertainment say anything meaningful about the state of our society?


It’s very apparent that people are AXE-cited about our unique AXE-perience with Civil Axe Throwing. We are thrilled to see so many people come to us for the first time saying they could not believe how much fun it was with their friends or family. Then we see them return with more friends the following week. It’s so fulfilling to see our guests grow along with the sport.