So just what exactly is Fayetteville alderman Adella Gray (and consistent Coody supporter) saying in her letter to the Northwest Arkansas Times today? That her fellow aldermen who have said that they were were unaware or misinformed about the cost of the renovations to the Square are not doing their jobs adequately?

That they are liars?


Is the fact that these same aldermen may be occasional critics of Comrade Coody one of the reasons for writing her letter?

If only Ms. Gray were as concerned about the slums in her own ward, and the third-world living conditions that families are forced to live in, by greedy landlords.



Muscular Christianity


Lucas Roebuck is back at it, writing his weekly column in the NWA Times, sneering at those who presume to ask the government for help.

There is the traditional Christianity that I think of – helping the poor and down-trodden, speaking out on social issues, and standing up for those about to be stepped on by an uncaring world.

And then there are those like Roebuck, the “Christians” of a New Generation, the mean sort of muscular, mean-spirited folks who sneer at anyone who has the temerity to ask for help. For them, the Sermon on the Mount is no longer delivered with words, but with a Gatling Gun.

One can only hope that like the soft drink of a new generation (New Coke), Christianity like Roebuck’s will be seen for the cruel, false religion that it is. It may taste good while you are drinking it – to some – but the aftertaste?


It’s just really nasty.


Custer’s Last Stand

NWA Times columnist Grady Jim Robinson is writing a pretty good series on Custer’s Last Stand. Part I ran yesterday.

When I was a kid, I read a book about Custer, and was just enthralled, and then of course, I saw “They Died with their Boots On,” and the awful ABC series “Custer,” with Wayne Maunder.

Years later, I learned the truth – and I was set free. All those childhood myths shattered.

A great column, and I am looking forward to next week’s issue.


Puppets in the Park


It’s not just the roar of motorcycles that bring folks to Fayetteville. Sometimes it is something as simple – and as magical – as puppets. I was sent this via email, and it’s just so neat that I felt I had to share it with everybody.

The 2nd Annual “Puppets in the Park” Festival will be held Sunday, April 27th from 1-6pm in Wilson Park. Celebrating the National Day of Puppetry! Puppet Shows for all ages, a Puppet Parade, and Workshops, with Music and Masks and Monsters – oh my!

Featuring: Toucan Jam, Animo, Walnut Farm Montessori Students, Captain Bubbles, Mary and Lolly, Haley Duke, Valley Productions, and Special International Guests.

Bring chairs or a blanket. Vendors will be on site with food, drinks, and puppet merchandise. Don’t miss this festive event for the whole family celebrating the art of the puppet! Sunday, April 27th from 1-6pm in Wilson Park! FREE!

For info:
The Art Experience

Quote of the Day

“This is my first visit to the Galaxy of Terror and I’d like it to be a  pleasant one.” –  Leela, Futurama (ep. My Three Suns).