Well, Steve Clark, former Arkansas Attorney General. will announce whether or not he will run for mayor at 2pm on Saturday at Fayetteville’s Town Center.

Isn’t that kind of like saying, “Yes, I am”?????? After all, why bother to gather everyone around just to say he is going to sit this one out? Surely a simple press release would suffice for that.


Ah well, I’m sure somebody – somewhere – is waiting on tenterhooks  to hear what he may announce on Saturday.



Hillary’s 100-day plan

I’m sorry, but the only thought that went through my mind when Hillary Clinton announced her “100-day plan” yesterday was, “Please don’t do that.”


I’m sure we all remember the 100-day plan that Pelosi and Company were going to accomplish once they took over the Congress in 2007. How much was actually accomplished? And how long did it take?

I think people should just work very hard when they get in office, and point to their actual accomplishments, not make a list and a timetable that people might just make jokes about later.


Obama: The Irony Brigades


There is something a little off about watching men and women in high-priced jobs, wearing expensive clothes, who rub shoulders with the powerful each and every day, wondering if Obama is an “elitist.”


Channel 29: The Buzz of local news

At the doctor’s office yesterday I read a fawning article in Celebrate magazine – hell, they’re all fawning articles in Celebrate – about Channel 29 and their new digs in Rogers.

Quite a few people have noticed however, that since the move, quite frequently there has been an underlying buzzing sound when the news has been broadcast. Not when the network feed is coming through, just the local news.

So now many viewers have two requests of Channel 29 – less inane giggling and less buzzing.

Bald may be beautiful, but you gotta take care of it

Got examined for skin cancer yesterday, as I had a suspicious spot on my face. Luckily it wasn’t, though a few years ago I wasn’t so lucky.

Use that sun screen! And wear a hat, especially if you are bald – something I don’t always remember to do.