At this point in our stay in the Dark Heart of America, I am firmly convinced that there are folks running for city council seats in tiny little towns in Oklahoma who are railing against Obamacare, Common Core standards and mythical plots to disarm decent Americans.

Oh, yeah . . . and probably arming school nurses.


Screw the roads, or education. It’s the liberal invasion, 24/7. And thank Crom that folks in Oklahoma have folks like _________ who have singlehandedly stood up to Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and . . . oh, you name it.

They seem so busy telling Oklahomans about the evils coming out of Washington which they have girded their loins to do battle with that not a whole hell of a lot of time is spent talking about actual Oklahoma issues.



Oklahoma City – crime-hidden and 2014 National Bible City?


According to a study released on Oklahoma City is the second most dangerous city in America. The top spot is taken by Tulsa.

It just goes without saying, then, that OKC has just been designated as the national Bible Association’s National Bible City for 2014.

The president of the organization, Richard Glickstein, was quoted in The Oklahoman that OKC was chosen because it was “ . . . one of the most Christian cities in America, per capita, according to some statistics.”

Glickstein went on to say, “There are amazing things, godly things, happening here.”


Among the folks the association reached out to for advice on the matter was OKC resident Steve Green, founder of Hobby Lobby.

Not to sound particularly unkind, but at first blush, Green just might be another of those intellectual giants who doesn’t actually watch local news or read the local newspaper.

This is from the website

• The Oklahoma City crime index is 72% higher than the Oklahoma average and and the Oklahoma crime index is 19% higher than the National average.

• The Oklahoma City violent crime rate is 85% higher than the Oklahoma average and and the Oklahoma violent crime rate is 21% higher than the National average.

• The Oklahoma City property crime rate is 71% higher than the Oklahoma average and and the Oklahoma property crime rate is 18% higher than the National average.


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