My heart breaks every time I see a picture of Maurice Isaiah Torres, the Bella Vista child who died as a result of severe abuse and rape . . . at the hands of his own father, if we are to believe prosecutors. I have no reason to doubt them.

It is pretty much a local story, as are most such stories, given that his killer is a garden variety predator. Compare that, though, to the case of Jesse Dirkhising, a young man murdered by two men in 1999, a story which appealed to those unable to intellectually tell the difference between homosexuality and pedophilia, and in many cases was even trumpeted as as a a sort of counter to the 1998 murder of a young gay man, Matthew Shepard, in Wyoming.


Fanned on my conservative media outlets like the Washington Times, much was made of he fact that 13 year-old Dirkhising was killed by two men who were described as “lovers.”

Writers across the country were practically screaming as they ran to their keyboards, bemoaning the fact that, while Shepard’s case made national headlines, the gruesome murder of young Dirkhising was only a “local affair.”


Folks are still writing about the case, as a matter of fact.

There must be media bias!


In a pig’s eye.

What happened to Jesse Dirkhising – just as what happened to Maurice Torres – is horrifying to contemplate. But as opposed to the contrived Matthew Shepard/ Jesse Dirkhising comparison, there really is a double standard at play here. And those at fault are those who led the pitch-fork wielding mobs back in 199, who aren’t spending the same amount of literary effort on this particular case.

In 1999, young Dirkhising’s murder served to “prove” the evil of homosexuals, and in 2015, the horrible life and death of the Torres boy just shows us that there are monsters all around us, in all shapes and sizes.



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