Everyone is having a good time, poking fun at both the GOP and the Democratic presidential candidates – and the some of the debate moderators. But maybe the problem is that what we have been seeing aren’t really debates – they are interviews.

Granted, I’m sort of old-fashioned. I have been spoiled not only by the old-fashioned debates we have seen on television in the past, but by the excellent local debates put on by the League of Women Voters. Hell, the crew of my own show put on a mayoral debate in 1992.


This is the part of the narrative where I get to whine about the press coverage of the event. Though TV stations and newspapers all had folks in attendance, none seemed able to catch the fact that the debate was actually a segment of On the Air with Richard S. Drake.

There, I feel better now.


Now, back to something more relevant. The presidential debates have become little more than ego stroking for the leading candidates, and a point can be made that they are able to maintain their leads because other candidates are not given equal time in the debates.

Whether it be the GOP debates, where candidates with lower percentage points have to sit at the kiddie table and debate, or the Democratic debate, where it was largely the Hillary and Bernie Show, the American voter is the real loser.


You want to hold a real debate? Ask a question which all the candidates have to answer. You want to ask a personal question – and all of them deserve the personal touch – save it for a one-on-one interview.

You think it is bad in 2015? Just wait until 2016, when those putting on the debates will pretend that there are only two candidates running for president, and no third-party folks will be allowed on stage.

The current “debates” are a sad joke, and I’m afraid of the punchline.



On the Air with Dick Bennett

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