Maybe I’m a snob, but my idea of a casino goer would be someone be in a tuxedo with a Walther PPK nestled in a shoulder holster, and not folks dressed in all the finery they would put on for a trip to Branson.

Yet, if Issue #5 on the November ballot should pass, I fear that we would be surrounded on all sides by folks in Elvis Presley T-shirts and Bermuda shorts.


Ordinarily, this is an issue I wouldn’t care about too much, except that in the days when I still punched a time card, way too many of my compatriots would either rush to Missouri (in the 1980s) or to local stores to buy lottery tickets. As one fellow told me, “A man has a right to invest his money any way he wants to.”

And one image in particular is seared into my memory, that of traveling through Oklahoma late one Christmas Eve, passing scads of casinos, each one with a filled-to-capacity parking lot.


Well, maybe they offered a great buffet . . .

I have seen folks spending upwards of twenty dollars or more in convenience stores, playing games of chance – when they were still around, that is.


I have witnessed gatherings of grown men buy lottery ticket after lottery ticket, and exulting when someone in their group won five dollars.

I have actually seen the folks who have had to borrow gas money because they spent too much of their paycheck on lottery tickets, or traveled to Oklahoma and spent too much money there.

Would I make heroin available to school children? No. For the same reason that I’m going to vote :”NO” on the gambling question. Addiction is addiction, and unless the state of Arkansas means to greatly expand the number of mental health clinics to deal with gambling addiction – which they won’t – then I’d just as soon not see this scourge come to Arkansas.

But I do hate the anti-Five commercials that are currently running on television, with two old codgers at the breakfast table discussing the issue.


Yeah, there are whole weeks when I am an old codger, but this couple seems especially ancient. Really, folks, you need to have folks of all ages in your ads. Folks from all walks of life.

Jeez, I could write a better commercial than that . . .


Today’s Soundtrack

Imagining myself at the movies today, listening to the CD “Classics Go To The Movies,” which features music from Ordinary People, Clockwork Orange, Heat and Dust among others.


The passing of Johnny Tittle

Note should be made today of the passing of Johnny Tittle, former KOFC call-in show host.

Though Johnny and I rarely agreed on much, he was gracious enough to appear on my show some years ago.


Condolences to his family.


Now on YouTube: Jed Clampit

Jed Clampit: The Power of Song, collection of songs from the singer/songwriter, can be seen at:


Quote of the Day

Anything you lose will be replaced by something. You just have to be open to it. It was only when I could accept the fact that I had Parkinson’s disease that I began to think, What haven’t I lost?” I haven’t lost my enthusiasm. I haven’t lost my intelligence. I haven’t lost my passion for life, my love of my family, my curiosity. – Michael J. Fox