It is to Congressman Steve Womack’s great advantage that so many of his constituents don’t read newspapers. I suspect he is well aware of that fact. Far too many voters get their news from TV, where grins, giggles and guffaws are the order of the day.

While I subscribe to The Scowling One’s email list, I don’t rely on his rationale behind his votes. Instead, I look to his voting record in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and other sources.


Several weeks are included in this collection, which may well serve as a particular reminder of just where TSO keeps his head these days.

HR 1628, a bill designed to take apart the Affordable Care Act. There are only two things worth noting about TSO’s vote on this bill.


A – he voted with the majority of the GOP on this matter and

B – Like all those who voted in favor of it, he didn’t wait to hear from the Congressional Budget Office first.


To use a rough analogy, this likens our congressman, who likes to see himself as on “the front,” to those hapless soldiers in the first world war who marched straight into machine gun fire. damn the consequences; we’re following orders!

HR 1180: a bill which would allow employers to offer time off rather than overtime pay.

As Steve Chabot, a Republican from the Ohio put it:

“While some employees may prefer wages for the overtime they put in, others might want to use that time to attend their child’s piano recital or go to a sports event or care for an elderly parent.”


Since TSO voted for this morally obscene bill, it should be pointed out to him that:

A – folks like working overtime because it puts extra money in their pocket, and

B – each and every activity used as an example by Chabot, who evidently represents the part of Ohio which contains the Twilight Zone, takes money. Overtime helps pay for piano recitals, going to sports events and caring for the elderly.

TSO voted against a measure which would allow employees who agreed to take comp time rather than overtime pay to accrue seven days of sick leave.

Ever the friend of his supporters who draw a paycheck, that’s our Steve Womack.

HR 356: TSO voted to block a Democratic attempt to force consideration of an independent commission for investigating possible Russian meddling in last year’s election.

For a nice picture of the ever-grim Womack shaking the hand of Donald Trump:

HR 115: Voted to authorize federal courts to treat as an aggravating circumstance not only the murder of a police officers and EMT’s but also attempted murder.


TSO voted to block an attempt to force debate on a bill currently in committee which would require the not only President Trump, but all future presidential nominees, to release their tax information for the last three years before seeking office.

None of those voting to block this measure could be bothered to say a word about it.

HR 1039: TSO voted to allow federal probation officers to arrest – without a warrant – anyone they might view as getting in the way of their work with those on parole.

Constitutional rights – they are so 20th century.

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Though TSO and the Republican Party may long for the halcyon days of the 1950s, count me out. Today’s blog wads accompanied by “Sci-Fi’s Greatest Hits: Final Frontier,” a neat CD put out by the Sci Fi Channel some years ago.

back when they still knew how to spell, and hadn’t yet mangled Sci Fi into Sy Fi . . .

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