Vacation winding down, and it was in my mind to write about the enlightening Christmas dinner Tracy and I had with two young members of the US military, but hey, I took an entertaining spill yesterday, and my head is in no shape to concentrate on serious subjects today. So instead . . .

I just dove into my possibles bag and found a subject I’ve been meaning to write about for quite sometime: beautiful women from Eastern Europe who seem to have an intense desire to become my friend.


If you examine their pages, they largely consist of photos of the women (okay, I’m making the assumption that they are women, and not just scuzzy identity thieves) in various stages of scanty attire.

I have been thinking about it – probably way too much – and I think what really creeps me out about the Facebook pages is the number of men who have accepted their requests, and listed such eloquent posts as:



Pretty, soulful eyes.


Very beautiful lady.

A) these are actual quotes and B) it just sort of confirms my feeling that a lot of guys on Facebook haven’t had a meaningful relationship with a real, live woman in years and years, if ever.

Because I am slightly OCD, I check out a lot of these guys FB pages, and discover reams of entertaining conspiracy theories. Which sort of makes you wonder – how can guys who are convinced that atheistic liberals are out to eat their children can even fall for such an obvious gimmick so easily.

Very beautiful lady, indeed.


For more on the topic:

While these women do look awful purty, I like to think I have enough intelligence not to fall for scammers using sexy pictures as bait to lure me in. I’ve screwed up enough in my life, but you gotta have some standards, after all.

Even if they do have soulful eyes.

Now, if you will excuse me, my head is killing me. Back to bed for a nap!


Today’s Soundtrack

A subject as important as this calls for only one choice of music: the theme from Benny Hill



Quote of the Day

[Alfred Hitchcock] thought of himself as looking like Cary Grant. That’s tough, to think of yourself one way and look another. – Tippi Hedren