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T minus one month until the total solar eclipse

Two-thirds of Arkansas will be in the solar eclipse’s path of totality on April 8, and now's the time to prepare. Consider these facts and figures before you kick off your celestial celebrations.
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'Clouds may be problematic' on eclipse day, Farmers' Almanac says

All eyes on Good Friday, when the eclipse weather fates narrow into sharper focus in Arkansas's 10-day meteorological forecasts. 

Don't have eclipse glasses yet? North Little Rock Library has you covered

Free eclipse glasses are up for grabs at William F. Laman Public Library, the Argenta Public Library and "The Rover," North Little Rock Library's mobile branch.

State’s estimates of 1.5 million eclipse tourists next month are shady at best

The only people who think Arkansas will see over a million visitors for the eclipse seem to be people whose job is promoting tourism.

Don’t watch the solar eclipse alone, go to these Little Rock watch parties

Relax. The extra pizzazz surrounding the eclipse is fun, but don’t forget that as long as you’ve got a clear view of the sun, you’re good to go.

9 stellar ways to celebrate the solar eclipse in Central Arkansas

Sure, full totality only lasts for a handful of minutes, but the days and hours leading up to the big moment are stuffed with an ever-growing number of events and festivities, especially as out-of-state tourist estimates climb into the millions.

Governor unveils eclipse emergency management plans with state officials

A month out, state agencies are preparing for what Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism Secretary Shea Lewis said "has the potential to be the largest tourism event in the state's history." 

Got a library card? Go pick up some free eclipse glasses Monday

In preparation for the April 8, 2024 eclipse, the Central Arkansas Library System is offering library cardholders up to four pairs of eclipse glasses beginning Monday, March 4.

Sterling Market hosting eclipse watch party

East Village restaurant Sterling Market is making use of its indoor/outdoor dining space to host a party for the total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. 

Maumelle bets big on electric bikes for eclipse emergency planning

City officials have invested $105,000 "for three electric bikes, three AEDs and an ATV that can transport a patient if traffic congestion makes it impossible to transport a person in need of medical help via regular means,” Maumelle's Fire Department chief Beau Buford said.

It's time to freak out about the eclipse: Department of Emergency Management Edition

Officials gathered at Camp Robinson to conduct tabletop exercises designed to anticipate the sorts of problems that arise when 3 million visitors cram themselves under a celestial shadow for four minutes, then scatter in a mass exodus out of Arkansas.

It's time to freak out about the total solar eclipse

Let's get celestial.