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State Supreme Court says Damien Echols can seek further DNA testing in West Memphis Three case

The high court said a person did not need to be incarcerated in order to seek DNA testing to prove their actual innocence.
IT Arkansas job board

State Supreme Court says lawyers can carry guns in courthouses

The opinion stops short of saying lawyers can carry guns into courtrooms, but hints that will probably change once someone files another lawsuit.

River Valley can keep marijuana cultivation license for now, Supreme Court rules

The state Supreme Court said River Valley owner Storm Nolan was an "indispensable party" who should be allowed to take part in a case brought by another company challenging River Valley's license.

Supreme Court denies attorney general’s request to expedite appeal in corrections board dispute

The attorney general’s office did not respond to a request for comment regarding both today’s decision and the question of consolidating the two cases.

Update: Wins for Womack and Hudson, and more March 5 election results

We won't have final statewide tallies tonight, but here's where things stand as of about midnight in the March 5 election.

Arkansas attorney general to appeal rulings in Board of Corrections disputes

Arkansas’ attorney general on Tuesday filed notices that he plans to appeal both circuit court rulings that favored the state prison board over the state in recent legal disputes.

A roundup of Central Arkansas judicial races on the March 5 ballot

Arkansans vote in both party primaries and nonpartisan judicial elections in three weeks.

'Republican' Justice Barbara Webb's partisanship continues unabashed

Is there a definition of "nonpartisan" we're not aware of?

State Supreme Court agrees to expedite case filed by group seeking to require paper ballots and limit absentee voting

The high court ordered Secretary of State John Thurston and the Board of Election Commissioners to respond to the lawsuit by Friday, Jan. 26.

Arkansas Supreme Court declines to rehear Pope County casino case; new application period likely

Arkansas’ highest court on Thursday declined to rehear an appeal in the case that stripped Cherokee Nation Businesses of the state’s fourth and final casino license.

Ark. Supreme Court rebukes circuit judge, removes him from case against Morton-owned nursing home

After nine years and five separate appeals, the underlying case has yet to reach trial, and yesterday's Supreme Court ruling seems likely to extend the delay. One hopes the decision was about the best interests of justice and not merely the result of some judicial gavel-measuring contest.

State Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit over legislature's 'emergency clause' votes

Plaintiffs attorney Ali Noland blasted the decision, saying the various concurring opinions used "various legal gymnastics to get to [the] desired outcome."