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Longtime LRSD Central principal is paid $33K less than Southwest HS newcomer, requests fix

Southwest High School Principal George Maxey, a newcomer to the LRSD, is making significantly more money than longtime Central High Principal Nancy Rousseau.
IT Arkansas job board

The way out of the food desert

Until we face the fact that healthy, vibrant neighborhoods are the wellspring of good schools, full-service grocery stores, cell phone stores, auto service centers, restaurants and all the rest, we are accommodating our failures, rather than solving our problems.

Economic progress in Arkansas, last place and losing ground

Is all this fuss about book banning, school vouchers and monuments to the unborn just a distraction so we don't notice Arkansas is at the bottom of the economic heap and going nowhere?

For Arkansas charter schools, the grades are in — and they’re nothing special

Poverty is the strongest indicator of student achievement. Charter schools didn't change that, and vouchers won't, either.

The lawmakers attacking trans kids should spend some time with them and get back to us

A true conservative wants life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. A true conservative knows that once the gang starts taking those things away from anyone, everyone is at risk.

School vouchers: It's just politics

We don't have to guess the results of Arkansas's grand 'school choice' experiment, because the damage is predictable, longtime public school advocate and former LRSD Superintendent Baker Kurrus writes.

Arkansas LEARNS builds a wall of ignorance and fear

The choice to pass the Arkansas LEARNS school privatization bill was not a data-driven decision. Just politics, but with a very high human cost. The walls of ignorance, racism, prejudice, selfishness, sexism, segregation, greed, poverty and fear are being rebuilt now at our Capitol.

What a true conservative would do

I believe this “conservative” legislature is ignoring our real issues, and stirring up things that are not real problems. I believe my Republican dad would agree with me.

Charter schools and vouchers won't solve poverty, and poverty is the problem

"Why do we keep opening up more and more publicly funded schools where the affluent children congregate, with poor kids left behind?"

Former LRSD superintendent Baker Kurrus assigns legislators some homework in open letter on 'school choice'

In the first of a series, longtime public education advocate Baker Kurrus details the unfulfilled promises of charter schools and predicts vouchers won't help the students who really need it.

Baker Kurrus endorses Steve Landers for mayor. We provide the asterisks.

Vanquished 2018 foe backs 2022 challenger to Frank Scott Jr. and says he'd worked for Steve Landers if asked.

A day late: The Baker Kurrus article on the Little Rock race for mayor