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picture of Steve Landers, Greg Henderson and Frank Scott Jr.

Little Rock mayoral showdown

Crime, race, place and partisanship dominate a bruising mayor’s race.
IT Arkansas job board

The Little Rock sales tax proposal: Critics say it's too much

Critics of a Little Rock sales tax increase say the city's tax rate is already too high.

City sales tax increase up for discussion Tuesday with the board vote uncertain

Tuesday is decision day for a city sales tax. Does the mayor have five votes?

Former candidate recommends scaling back Little Rock sales tax proposal

A data-driven look at increasing the Little Rock sales tax by a former mayoral candidate.

Baker Kurrus: Let local districts, not the governor, decide the best way to reopen schools

Let the people who know their school districts best operate them, including all-virtual if necessary. So says a former Little Rock school board member and superintendent

A Little Rock sales tax election in the time of coronavirus: Former mayoral candidate raises questions

Former mayoral candidate Baker Kurrus assesses the Little Rock sales tax increase in light of existing high taxes and the need to look at expenses, too.

The Walton plan for the Little Rock School District

Some key facts were missing from a Democrat-Gazette article today on ideas for the Little Rock School District, particularly the Walton and newspaper connections of a lobbyist long critical of the school district.

Baker Kurrus' thoughts on the Little Rock School District. Read them, even if Johnny Key won't

Baker Kurrus has some thoughts on the Little Rock School District. They are important, even if the state is likely to ignore them.

Little Rock City Board set for budget talk. It won't be easy.

The agenda for Tuesday's meeting of the Little Rock City Board has been posted with only four words referencing what promises to be big news -- "2019 budget amendment presentation."

Frank Scott's mayor campaign finished in the hole by $74,000

Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. won the election but he finished in the red, with a debt of more than $74,000.

Frank Scott announces mayoral transition team

Frank Scott Jr., who becomes Little Rock mayor Jan. 1, has announced a committee of people to help him plan the transition that includes a former opponent, financial backers and others.

Bonus episode of Rock the Culture: "Change Is Coming: Mayoral Election Edition"

In this bonus episode, Charles and Antwan provide conversation and perspective on Frank Scott, Jr.’s historic win as Mayor of Little Rock — live from the Election Night Watch Party.