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Religious rightwing candidates win seats on Conway School Board

The politically active Christian right wing has claimed two seats on the Conway School Board.
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Conway School Board candidates file finance reports; Milburn leads in donations

Conway School Board candidate Bill Milburn leads all other candidates in fundraising. He's running against incumbent Trey Geier. Two other candidates are vying for another board seat.

Two Conway School Board elections are on the ballot

Voters will decide two races for the Conway School Board. Neither one of them is without controversy.

Voters react to Conway School Board elections where the conservatives lost despite governor's endorsement

Voters supporting the victories of two challengers to "conservative" Conway School Board incumbents celebrated at an election watch party, on social media, with pictures of hugs and tears and with plenty of exclamation points.

Challengers beat two incumbents in contentious Conway School Board elections

School board elections are nonpartisan in Arkansas, but the Conway races became so contentious and aligned with political ideology that Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders joined the fray and endorsed the two self-styled conservative incumbents. Sanders' picks lost. The winners pledge to focus on education, not divisive culture war issues.

Conway School superintendent, board member seek to mix religion into public education

A Conway School Board member who's seeking a full term in Tuesday's elections tried to shame his opponent on Facebook on Thursday for not joining in a National Day of Prayer event outside the Faulkner County Courthouse. And the school district's superintendent announced at the courthouse event that he believes we need prayer in schools.

Early voting underway for two Conway School Board races

The Conway School District has been a canary in the coal mine, alerting the rest of the state of impending book bans and attacks on transgender students. Two self-proclaimed conservative incumbents are hoping to hold on to their seats, while their challengers indicate they'd steer the school board away from hot-button political maelstroms and get back to the basics.

Collum disputes illegal meeting report; let's see what the FOI Handbook has to say

Conway Schools Superintendent Jeff Collum said polling board members individually to establish guidelines before a recent meeting was a fine and legal thing to do. Arkansas case law says otherwise.

Conway School Board illegally took action outside the public eye, according to member's statement

The Conway School Board met privately (and illegally) to agree on ground rules before a recent meeting, according to board member Linda Hargis.

Conway School Board's Texas training expenses exceed $10,000

Members of the Conway School Board bragged during their meeting this week about the benefits of a recent training session in Plano, Texas. I've since tallied up the cost of that experience. So, you can decide if taxpayers got their money's worth.

Arkansas school board races are nonpartisan, but a Conway board member up for reelection wants you to know he's a Republican anyway

In a social-media post about his campaign this week, Bill Milburn said he's a "Republican conservative."

Directive against Black History Month shirts for Conway Public Schools coaches is retracted, but questions remain

Turmoil among Conway School District leaders, coaches and community members exploded on social media in the past few days after word got out that Superintendent Jeff Collum issued a short-lived directive that coaches must quit wearing Black History Month T-shirts at school events.