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Religious rightwing candidates win seats on Conway School Board

The politically active Christian right wing has claimed two seats on the Conway School Board.
IT Arkansas job board

Close out Black History Month at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center

A lecture on historic West Ninth Street, an afternoon of family-friendly STEM activities and a concert by the Marian Anderson String Quartet finish out the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center's celebration of Black History Month.

Two Conway School Board elections are on the ballot

Voters will decide two races for the Conway School Board. Neither one of them is without controversy.

News Flash: Conway School District honors Black History Month

A year after a debacle over coaches wearing T-shirts honoring Black History Month, the Conway School District gets it right.

Conway School Board illegally took action outside the public eye, according to member's statement

The Conway School Board met privately (and illegally) to agree on ground rules before a recent meeting, according to board member Linda Hargis.

Journalism organization urges Conway School District to open board meetings to public and media

An organization of Arkansas journalists has urged the Conway School District to move board meetings to a larger venue when needed to accommodate the public. The letter came after a meeting earlier this month where both journalists and community members were turned away at the door because the room was at capacity.

Controversial Conway School Board keeps in-person attendance as low as it can at public meetings

Why won't the Conway School Board hold meetings in a cafeteria or auditorium where all who want to attend can do so? The district has plenty of those larger venues at their disposal. Keeping the public at bay is a bad look for a district that swings from controversy to controversy.

Black History Month cookies at Community Bakery

In partnership with Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, Community Bakery is celebrating Black History Month by selling wavy-edged sugar cookies that have the faces of important Black figures printed on their icing. A local comic artist (@artgflj on Instagram) provided the illustrations, which are so charming and joyful you might be tempted not to eat the treats.

Wendell Griffen issues a black mark for Black History Month, incuding at the University of Arkansas

Wendell Griffen's harsh assessment of events during Black History Month includes the UA's continued honor for a former governor who participated in the Elaine massacre.

The Lost Cause fight continues at the Arkansas legislature UPDATE

A bill to ban study of a history of slavery in the U.S. isn't the only white nationalist propaganda on file at the Arkansas legislature.