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Little Rock’s city boardroom still under construction, April return hopeful

The Little Rock Board of Directors hasn't had a meeting at City Hall in about four years. While the risk of illness during the COVID-19 pandemic was the initial cause for the directors’ leave, a remodel of the boardroom has extended it.
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Additional costs push Little Rock board chamber renovation to $810k

City officials were expected to get back in their chambers over the summer, but the discovery of HVAC issues and asbestos delayed the renovation. Now, renovation costs are ramping up.

Little Rock board chambers revamp delayed due to asbestos, HVAC issues

No move-in date is in sight yet for the city directors.

Little Rock board chambers renovation plans near $500k

A room reconfiguration and a tech revamp were both approved for the Little Rock Board of Directors chambers. Members are expected to be back in their original space in May after about three years in temporary meeting rooms because of the pandemic.
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A look at the contract behind the latest feud at Little Rock City Hall

After Little Rock Director Capi Peck accused Mayor Frank Scott Jr. of withholding public documents this week, questions came up about the nature of the documents in question.
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‘I’m not on trial.’ Little Rock mayor refuses to address wrongdoings in public record requests

Director Capi Peck took charge at the Tuesday Board of Directors meeting to outline her experience with helping one of her constituents get an FOI request fulfilled where she claimed that Mayor Frank Scott Jr. instructed city staff not to turn over public records.

Meanwhile back at City Hall, some questions loom

Major issues face Little Rock city government and they seem likely to pit members of the City Board against the mayor.

Blue Hog Report challenges Little Rock mayor on transparency

Another complaint about lack of transparency at City Hall.

Mayor Scott says he's "looking into" a no-knock warrant policy for Little Rock; city board passes resolution to donate undeveloped city property to Depaul USA

Roderick Talley, the plaintiff in a civil rights lawsuit with the City and Little Rock police officers over abusive police practices in drug raids, addressed the city board Tuesday about a lack of action taken against the LRPD's no-knock search warrants.

B.J. Wyrick is new vice mayor of Little Rock

B.J. Wyrick, city director for ward 7, is the new vice mayor of Little Rock.

Frank Scott Jr. promises 'new day', draws large crowd in Little Rock mayoral inauguration ceremony

Promising a "new day" in Little Rock government, Frank Scott Jr. was inaugurated today as the city's first popularly elected black mayor. He was cheered on by a largely black crowd of over 1,000 that nearly filled Robinson Center Performance Hall, a significant departure from the small inauguration ceremonies held in years past at Little Rock City Hall.

Luke Skrable again swears he'll fight Little Rock City Hall lawfully. But fight he will.

Luke Skrable reiterates that he will abide by the existing rules, unfair as they are, that continue to ban him from City Hall.