Arkansas coronavirus news & updates

Info from local authorities

Today's news roundup includes COVID news and Trump ignorance

Free speech, in practice and in peril, figures in a lot of news today.

Coronavirus today: Arkansas in the national spotlight as new cases soar

Arkansas appears at the epicenter of bad virus news.

Today's news: COVID-19, funeral calls for justice and some BBQ for the men in the trenches

Bad COVID news; a funeral worth noting, and BBQ for the horses. All in the news roundup.

Coronavirus today: Biggest jump in hospitalizations since January

More people getting seriously ill and the governor announces a push to get more people vaccinated.

A holiday update on COVID-19 and the open line

Despite a holiday weekend, the upward movement in COVID numbers is unabated.

Another COVID-19 warning for Arkansas

UAMS dean warns of tough days ahead for Arkansas hospitals.

An open line for the 4th and some items on COVID-19 and unemployment benefits

Happy 4th. Try not to think about a raging virus and politicians infringing your freedoms.

Asa triangulates on Guard deployment on CNN; thinks state vaccination effort sufficient to prevent 'third surge'

In which the governor walks a fine line between right-wing Republicanism and Trumplicanism.

The July 4 weekend news roundup and open line

Feeling good about the weekend? Virus concerns here.

UPDATE: Coronavirus today: Get a shot and don't be a super-spreader

What does the weekend hold? In Arkansas, most likely bad news.