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Fiscal session retrospective: Crypto, pay raises and a last-minute fumble

Here’s our retrospective on what happened and what it means for Arkansans.
IT Arkansas job board

SESSION SNAPSHOT: Arkansas lawmakers propose amendments as passage of fiscal 2025 budget near

Arkansas’ 2024 fiscal session, which was initially projected to end this week, is now expected to end May 2 or possibly the following week.

Death of Missouri ER doctor and crypto enthusiast found in Beaver Lake ruled a suicide

Speculation ran rampant after Missouri ER doctor disappeared last May: Crypto conspiracy? Financial trouble after his second divorce to the same woman? But authorities ruled that it was a suicide.

Democrats could save them, but prospects look dim for stricter crypto mine regulation measures

Six resolutions on crypto mine regulation sponsored by Sen. Bryan King could get new life in the House today, but it looks like they don't have the votes.

Democratic leadership defends vote that helped kill six crypto regulation resolutions

Why didn't most Democrats back proposals that would have enacted maximal regulation on the crypto mining industry? Here's their reasoning.

House approves two proposals for crypto mining regulation, rejects six others

The House today approved two proposals regarding crypto mines but rejected six others. The rabid right-winger David Ray led the charge against the most aggressive resolutions; strangely, most Democrats voted Present, helping Ray block consideration.

"It's bad for everything": Citizens group from Arkansas County ready to fight back against crypto mines

Give this video a watch. Legislators hoping to dodge the issue would be wise to hear what these residents of Arkansas County have to say.

Crypto at the Capitol: Legislature revisiting bitcoin mining after complaints from local residents

Some lawmakers are now expressing regret over a Bitcoin mining bill passed last year, with locals expressing concern over noise pollution and heavy energy and water usage.