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Inconsequential news quiz: The 'cheeks are in the mail' edition

The inconsequential News Quiz returns! See how well you've been paying attention to recent news around the Natural State.
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Legislative hearing on Pulaski County jail's Netflix series dominated by grandstanding, dog whistles

After more than two hours of witnesses on "Unlocked: A Jail Experiment," legislators didn't learn much of anything they couldn't have discovered from reading existing reporting on the story.

Arkansas's new House speaker, other legislative leaders look ahead to 2025

Rep. Brian Evans (R-Cabot) became House Speaker Designate last week with an overwhelming 91 votes from the 100-member body. The speaker’s position must be affirmed by the House when the 95th General Assembly convenes in January.

Two crypto mine regulations pass Senate; more aggressive proposals are likely dead

A couple of bills regulating noisy, electricity-guzzling crypto mines are still alive. Six tougher proposals are now likely dead. The two moving forward address many key concerns, but some fear that they seem to have the backing of the crypto industry.

Democratic leadership defends vote that helped kill six crypto regulation resolutions

Why didn't most Democrats back proposals that would have enacted maximal regulation on the crypto mining industry? Here's their reasoning.

House approves two proposals for crypto mining regulation, rejects six others

The House today approved two proposals regarding crypto mines but rejected six others. The rabid right-winger David Ray led the charge against the most aggressive resolutions; strangely, most Democrats voted Present, helping Ray block consideration.

Secrecy, gadflies and sausage: Winners and losers of the 2023 special session

The biscuit at 500 Grill: 1, Rep. David Ray: 0.

Sanders retreats on FOIA rollback, endorses more limited 'security' exemption

The retreat and redirect comes after a rancorous five-hour committee hearing that saw Republican legislators squabbling with both progressive and conservative activists over the FOIA rollback.

Republicans rework anti-FOIA bill in face of opposition

The new bill removes the proposed "deliberative process" exemption and substitutes a narrower one. But it's still a major rollback of transparency.

On eve of special session, Arkansas lawmaker talks up plan to hide government information

The sponsor of a bill to kneecap Arkansas's Freedom of Information Act went on Capitol View Sunday to say it's not really a big deal. Should we just trust him on that, or should we look into it?

WTF is going on with FOIA? Here's a rundown of what could change

The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act is under attack. That much is clear. Here's a look at some of the potential changes to come during next week's special legislative session.

Arkansas Republican leaders launch all-out assault on FOIA

A proposed wholesale rework of Arkansas's longstanding Freedom of Information Act would throw a blanket of secrecy over state government.