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Economic progress in Arkansas, last place and losing ground

Is all this fuss about book banning, school vouchers and monuments to the unborn just a distraction so we don't notice Arkansas is at the bottom of the economic heap and going nowhere?
IT Arkansas job board

Disappearing towns: The LEARNS Act and the myth of schools as community panacea

The governor, legislature and Department of Education are elected, appointed and hired to take on the tough jobs. With Arkansas LEARNS and school vouchers, they have chosen the easy way out.

Deal for Little Rock Port gun factory is dead

Another defunct state deal once heralded as creating 565 jobs.

Freedom of Information Act takes a hit in the House

House endorses government secrecy.

The Freedom of Information Act is under attack and Little Rock is one example of why it's a bad idea

Secret meetings on economic development deals? Bad idea.

City touts economic development in the city

The city claims a big year in economic development. They overlooked a few key points.

Saracen Casino in Pine Bluff adding 800 jobs

800 more jobs in Pine Bluff is a big deal. The governor has held news conferences to tout a lot less.

China retaliation efforts fail in Joint Budget

Legislators' efforts to punish China for the coronavirus fell shot in Joint Budget Committee today.

Yet another study concludes corporate welfare is a waste of taxpayer money

Thanks to Arkansas Business for alerting me to yet another report that says corporate welfare -- handing out state and local tax money to private businesses in the name of economic development -- is a waste of money.

Economics, women subject of major November conferences at Clinton Center

Big doings are scheduled at the Clinton Presidential Center in November -- conferences on economic development and women's issues

Missouri shows us another corporate welfare flop

AP reports on the success of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's promise of up to $2 billion in state "incentives" — AKA corporate welfare payments — to build that state's economy. The record isn't complete, but in six years fewer than half the hoped-for 48,000 jobs have materialized.

World Trade Center Arkansas receives grant from Economic Development Administration, which Tom Cotton voted to abolish

Sen. Mark Pryor, along with Republicans Sen. John Boozman, Rep. Steve Womack and Rep. Tim Griffin, were on hand today in Rogers to announce a $600,000 federal grant for the World Trade Center Arkansas, an affiliate of the University of Arkansas. The federal money will be used "to expand its outreach services to diversify and strengthen the state’s economy," according to the university. The funds were available via the Economic Development Administration, which Tom Cotton voted to abolish.