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Speaker Davy Carter's got game — nobody loves guns more

Good way to distract attention from unhappiness over House Speaker Davy Carter's failure to move expeditiously enough for some Republicans on the House vote to legalize vote suppression (voter ID) in Arkansas by overriding Gov. Mike Beebe's veto.
IT Arkansas job board

Studies: High tax rates don't drive people away; low rates don't attract

Quick: Somebody call out the Stepford Arkansas Republican Caucus to seize all copies of the New York Times and burn the, like a bunch of frat boys angry over a campus newspaper expose.

The chamber tax grab goes statewide

Unless Gov. Mike Beebe stands in the way, the scam by which chambers of commerce are increasingly getting taxpayers to pay for their operationsmay be about to go statewide.

Creating jobs in New York

Report in New York Times on state spending in New York to create jobs. They're spending big — $400 million.

Corporate welfare continues

The free enterprise crowd — such as the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce — have a new scheme to tax poor people to put money in the pockets of big business.

Tax breaks don't build economy

Timing is good for receipt of this link to a study in Iowa that demonstrates the fallacy of the belief that corporate tax breaks and similar corporate welfare encourage economic development.

Economic development miracles

A reader sends another news article from Kentucky about developers of the creationism theme park— truly a Six Flags Over Jesus concept — seeking still more government support in Kentucky, this time for a freeway interchange.

The Blue Dog won't hunt

A Republican tells me he's tired of these public/private "partnerships" that band together to lobby the federal government for more tax money.