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Arkansas 'lithium summit' kicks off Thursday in Little Rock

Arkansas is still new to the lithium extraction scene, but experts in the industry have wasted no time in organizing a conference.
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Sanders rips president's EV plans after promoting Arkansas lithium production

Gov. Sarah Sanders ripped President Biden's mandate for electric vehicles about two months after trumpeting lithium production in south Arkansas. Lithium is a key component in batteries for electric vehicles.

Exxon to begin producing lithium in south Arkansas by 2027 and scale up rapidly

The oil giant said it hopes to produce enough lithium by 2030 to "supply the manufacturing needs of well over a million [electric vehicles] per year."

Virginia has a better idea on license fees for electric cars

Virginia has a fairer way to tax electric vehicles. Arkansas needs to give the topic more thought.

Texas is cooking with electricity

Oil country Texas going in big on electric vehicle charging stations.

COVID, the greening of Little Rock and the open line

Little Rock marks Earth Day with an EV promotion at the Zoo.

An EV manufacturing corridor in Northwest Arkansas? That's the dream of a new industrial arrival

Could Walmart's home become the center of an electric vehicle corridor? A new arrival in Arkansas is talking about it.

Mayor proclaims electric vehicle week in Little Rock and offers a test drive

The city of Little Rock plugs electric vehicles. Me, too.

Charging station grant program approved by House

Electric vehicles do better today. And one legislator needs a ride in one.

Electric cars? Say what?

Federal money for electric vehicle charging stations rejected today in the House.

Entergy joining other utilities to make it easier to drive electric vehicles on longer trips

Entergy joins in an effort to make more speedy charging stations available on major highways for electric vehicles.

The electric car is coming, even in Arkansas

From Fayetteville to Lonoke, signs of the growth of electric vehicles.