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Judicial races offered some of the only surprises on Arkansas's election night

Some of the outcomes in Tuesday's judicial races were unexpected.
IT Arkansas job board

Update: Wins for Womack and Hudson, and more March 5 election results

We won't have final statewide tallies tonight, but here's where things stand as of about midnight in the March 5 election.

Who did the Arkansas Times endorse for circuit judge? Actually, we didn't.

A mailer that went out this week from the Cortinez campaign says he's been endorsed by the Arkansas Times. That's not accurate. The Arkansas Times hasn't made any official endorsements in the upcoming judicial elections.

Up and down the ballot, judicial races could create openings for the governor to fill

Several of the races we've looked at could create an opening for Gov. Sanders to appoint someone to fill vacant seats in 2025.

A roundup of Central Arkansas judicial races on the March 5 ballot

Arkansans vote in both party primaries and nonpartisan judicial elections in three weeks.

Alumni chapter to host judicial forum next month

Mark your calendars to meet the candidates.

Conservative Leonard Leo's court takeover scheme didn't stop with federal judges. See Arkansas

A shadowly group of conservative oligarchs have spent millions to wrest control of state supreme Courts, including in Arkansas.

The Republican assault on judicial integrity. All partisan, all the time

Judicial ethics. They no longer exist in Arkansas in races for the Supreme Court.

The partisan divide in early voting could mean trouble in non-partisan races

Primary voting skews heavily toward Republican voters. Might that have fallout in non-partisan races?

Proposal coming for voter guide for judicial races. Questions expected

What could possibly be controversial about producing a voter guide for judicial races? Find out Friday morning.

Yes, Governor Hutchinson endorsed Supreme Court candidate Barbara Webb

Today we fill in some gaps in a Democrat-Gazette report on the partisan race Barbara Webb ran to win a seat on the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Judicial election advice from Saline County circuit judge: Stop candidates who ignore the law with your vote.

A judge's advice on judicial elections in today's Democrat-Gazette is relevant and close to his home.