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The environmental promise and perils of south Arkansas lithium

Experts in the field say it's hard to assess the potential impact of direct lithium extraction in part because "much information comes from the industry itself," freelancer Boyce Uphold writes.
IT Arkansas job board

Economic progress in Arkansas, last place and losing ground

Is all this fuss about book banning, school vouchers and monuments to the unborn just a distraction so we don't notice Arkansas is at the bottom of the economic heap and going nowhere?

Arkansas ‘Lithium Summit’ draws officials, business leaders to discuss nascent industry

About 700 energy sector executives, policymakers and key stakeholders attended Thursday’s sessions, according to a press release.

Arkansas 'lithium summit' kicks off Thursday in Little Rock

Arkansas is still new to the lithium extraction scene, but experts in the industry have wasted no time in organizing a conference.

Sanders rips president's EV plans after promoting Arkansas lithium production

Gov. Sarah Sanders ripped President Biden's mandate for electric vehicles about two months after trumpeting lithium production in south Arkansas. Lithium is a key component in batteries for electric vehicles.

Exxon comes to town: The Arkansas Times’ Week in Review podcast, Nov. 19, 2023

This week on the Arkansas Times podcast: lithium extraction, tornado recovery and more alarming financial news from the LRSD.

Some questions about the plan to mine lithium in south Arkansas

Is lithium mining in south Arkansas really as great as Gov. Sarah Sanders claims? There's not much information available on the plan, and lots of lingering questions.

Exxon to begin producing lithium in south Arkansas by 2027 and scale up rapidly

The oil giant said it hopes to produce enough lithium by 2030 to "supply the manufacturing needs of well over a million [electric vehicles] per year."

Exxon plans to build lithium processing facility near Magnolia, WSJ reports

The processing facility aims to be able to produce up to 100,000 metric tons of lithium annually, or 15% of current global production, according to the WSJ.

What's in the water?

Rep. Loy Mauch has introduced a bill to require water utilities to disclose what chemicals they're putting in the water.