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Medicaid expansion could be coming to Mississippi with a dash of Arkansas-style policy, but hurdles remain

How much longer will the last refusenik states hold out on Medicaid expansion — passing up billions of dollars in federal money, cutting off their noses to spite Obama's face?
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Death of Missouri ER doctor and crypto enthusiast found in Beaver Lake ruled a suicide

Speculation ran rampant after Missouri ER doctor disappeared last May: Crypto conspiracy? Financial trouble after his second divorce to the same woman? But authorities ruled that it was a suicide.

Washington Post spotlights ballot initiative push to protect abortion rights in Arkansas

The Washington Post spotlights the underdog effort to get signatures for a ballot initiative to protect abortion rights and the challenges they face in dead-red Arkansas.

Two crypto mine regulations pass Senate; more aggressive proposals are likely dead

A couple of bills regulating noisy, electricity-guzzling crypto mines are still alive. Six tougher proposals are now likely dead. The two moving forward address many key concerns, but some fear that they seem to have the backing of the crypto industry.

Arkansas among many states price-gouging prisoners on commissary items

The Appeal, a nonprofit news organization focusing on criminal justice, last week published an excellent report on commissary price-gouging in the nation's prisons — including some notes on Arkansas.

Democrats could save them, but prospects look dim for stricter crypto mine regulation measures

Six resolutions on crypto mine regulation sponsored by Sen. Bryan King could get new life in the House today, but it looks like they don't have the votes.

Two crypto regulation bills, now amended, moving ahead

The two crypto regulation bills that remain still have some serious questions — and may not go far enough — but they should help address some of the significant problems with the crypto mining industry.

State board seeks to stop Arkansans from e-signing voter registration forms

In 2024, you can electronically sign documents to buy insurance, apply for a credit card or take out a mortgage. But e-signing a voter registration form in Arkansas may soon be forbidden, at least outside of a government office.

Legislative panel questions corrections board member Alonza Jiles on hiring of outside attorney

Republican legislators have devoted three meetings this month to grilling corrections board members over whether they broke the law by hiring an outside attorney.

State Supreme Court says Damien Echols can seek further DNA testing in West Memphis Three case

The high court said a person did not need to be incarcerated in order to seek DNA testing to prove their actual innocence.

State Supreme Court says lawyers can carry guns in courthouses

The opinion stops short of saying lawyers can carry guns into courtrooms, but hints that will probably change once someone files another lawsuit.

House approves two proposals for crypto mining regulation, rejects six others

The House today approved two proposals regarding crypto mines but rejected six others. The rabid right-winger David Ray led the charge against the most aggressive resolutions; strangely, most Democrats voted Present, helping Ray block consideration.