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House advances proposal to increase state employee pay

The proposal from Wooten appears to mirror a plan outlined by Gov. Sarah Sanders in a letter she sent to state employees in March.
IT Arkansas job board

Eight resolutions on crypto mines advance out of House committee

Colorful testimony served as a preview of the potential for political fireworks if lawmakers fail to take action to give local communities protection from crypto mines — or cave to lobbyists with a phony fig leaf.

Lawmakers question governor’s staff over lectern audit

Legislators asked some good questions about lecterngate Tuesday. They did not get many good answers.

Former Mulberry sheriff's deputy pleads guilty to misdemeanor in brutal 2022 arrest

Sentencing for Zackary King is likely months away.

Resolution to impose energy fees on crypto mines gets Senate approval for consideration

The second time was a charm for Senate Resolution 11, Sen. Bryan King's proposal to impose fees on crytpo mines for excessive energy usage.

UPDATE: State auditors refer lecterngate findings to prosecutor’s office

The report details multiple apparent violations of state law related to the governor's spending.

Secretary of state requests $3.6 million to double State Capitol Police officers

Arkansas Secretary of State John Thurston has requested the legislature to double the amount of State Capitol Police officers providing security near the Capitol.

Morgue manager's wife pleads guilty in body-part stealing scheme

An update on the black market in body parts that included a Little Rock morgue.

Private management of subsidized housing creates problems for low-income older Arkansans

Management companies sometimes deflect responsibility for the needs of older tenants with health problems, housing experts say.

"It's bad for everything": Citizens group from Arkansas County ready to fight back against crypto mines

Give this video a watch. Legislators hoping to dodge the issue would be wise to hear what these residents of Arkansas County have to say.

Austerity Sarah: Governor's budget is generous to private school families, stingy for everyone else

Unlike her father, Sanders appears to be a doctrinaire right-winger when it comes to spending — except on vouchers. The cost of LEARNS vouchers is roughly tripling, from $31.7 million in fiscal year 2024 to $97.5 million in fiscal year 2025.

State budget leaves only crumbs for rural schools and the poor, advocates say

The proposed state budget sends plenty of public money to private school kids, but what about the other kids? At a press conference today, the Coalition for Strong Families said other children will be left behind.