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Corrections board member accused of covering up child abuse must go, lawmakers say

The messaging today from Republican lawmakers sounds as if it's an effort to get on the same page as the governor.
IT Arkansas job board

Sanders proclaims budget proposal that includes state employee raises as fiscal session approaches

Remember the George Carlin bit about "my stuff" and "your shit"? That's what's at stake.

Economic progress in Arkansas, last place and losing ground

Is all this fuss about book banning, school vouchers and monuments to the unborn just a distraction so we don't notice Arkansas is at the bottom of the economic heap and going nowhere?

Arkansas water infrastructure to get $42 million boost from federal funds

The $42 million is being distributed among four Arkansas counties. An estimated 22,000 people live in the areas that should expect improvements to their water infrastructure, including Helena-West Helena.

Corrections board member Jiles rejects calls to resign, denies allegations

Gov. Sanders has called on Alonza Jiles to resign but hasn't addressed the larger allegations against Jiles' former boss, Ted Suhl, an associate of former Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Sanders rejects 12-month Medicaid extension for moms, says Arkansas already has enough coverage

Arkansas's shamefully high maternal mortality rate is not enough to convince Arkansas officials to extend Medicaid for new moms, even though the federal government would foot the lion's share of the bill. A DHS spokesman said other options are available.

Arkansas 'lithium summit' kicks off Thursday in Little Rock

Arkansas is still new to the lithium extraction scene, but experts in the industry have wasted no time in organizing a conference.

State deaf and blind schools to get new facility on existing campus, governor says

Contrary to the concerns of families, the state will not be closing the schools or moving them to a new location.

Parole board chairman who had sex with minor resigns one week after appointment

Jamol Jones is out as chairman of the Post Prison Transfer Board.

Tax turnaround: Ark. marijuana revenue is paying for some school meals.

A change to medical marijuana tax uses has brought relief at school cafeterias.

Sanders comms machine invokes God and the military to deflect from appointee’s teen sex scandal

Having sex with a teenager while working in law enforcement is not disqualifying for a position on Arkansas boards overseeing parole and prisons, according to statements from the governor's office and appointee Jamol Jones.

Sanders, fellow Republican governors to stir up fear and anger at a made-for-TV border press conference Sunday

Thanks to a recent law change, Sanders is free to dash off on taxpayer-funded campaign trips like this one to try out anti-immigration talking points in hopes of winning a VP spot on Trump's presidential ticket.