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Congressional candidate Caitlin Draper shares real-time miscarriage story, lays out the stakes in abortion fight

Draper said she's lucky to have the financial resources to leave the state should she need abortion care, and worries about women without that option.
IT Arkansas job board

Voter turnout was down statewide yesterday

Arkansans voted yesterday in primary and judicial races. Well, some of them did. 

Update: Wins for Womack and Hudson, and more March 5 election results

We won't have final statewide tallies tonight, but here's where things stand as of about midnight in the March 5 election.

U.S. speaker fight influences Arkansas congressional race

Arkansas Republican Congressman Steve Womack faces an attack from the right. State Sen. Clint Penzo accuses Womack of being a RINO and pledges to join the Freedom Caucus if he's elected.

Group pushes Womack to support Ukraine aid despite GOP blockade of bill

Republicans for Ukraine has given Womack a rating of "A" on its report card — which is why it's pushing him to support a discharge petition for a foreign aid bill held up by GOP leadership.

Arkansas congressional delegation reacts to expulsion of George Santos

Two of Arkansas's congressmen voted to expel George Santos, one voted not to, and one voted "present." Three of them issued statements afterward, explaining their votes.

Democrat Caitlin Draper announces congressional run against Womack

Draper is a licensed clinical social worker in Fayetteville who plans to focus her campaign on health care, public education, reproductive rights and climate issues.

Republicans elect hard-right election denier as House speaker, with Womack's support

In the end, Steve Womack joined the rest of his party in rallying behind their new nominee — the fourth since the ouster of Kevin McCarthy.

Jim Jordan comes up short in House speaker vote; Womack votes against him

Rep. Jim Jordan sputtered to a pathetic showing in the first vote for House Speaker today. Rep. Steve Womack was the only member of the Arkansas delegation to vote against him.

GOP House wackos seek to elevate one of their own as Speaker

There's a Nixon to China analogy buried somewhere in here, only all involved are ignominious goofballs.

Womack pushes for Steve Scalise’s bid for speaker but Republicans remain divided

Rep. Steve Womack of Northwest Arkansas is rallying fellow Republicans to support Scalise, the House majority leader.

Washington Post reports Congressman Steve Womack is fed up

The Post speculated this weekend that Rep. Steve Womack is headed for retirement, but Womack says it ain't so.