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Razorback athlete joins lawsuit over NCAA's transgender policies

Ainsley Erzen, a University of Arkansas soccer player and track athlete, is among the plaintiffs challenging the NCAA's policies regarding transgender athletes in women's sports.
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And still another focus on a graspy politician

For AR People targets Leslie Rutledge for wasteful and hateful spending of public money.

Leslie Rutledge joins suit to allow discrimination against LGBTQ people

Of course Leslie Rutledge is fighting for legal discrimination against LGBT people. But somehow she hasn't issued a news release yet.

Human Rights Campaign plans Arkansas lawsuit over transgender athlete ban

Lawsuit coming over Arkansas transgender athlete bank, HRC says.

Human Rights Campaign: Shame on the NCAA

A belated blast at the NCAA's empty defense of a minority group.

NCAA declines to punish discriminatory states in tournament sites

So much for NCAA interest in safe places for transgender athletes.

Moment of reckoning coming for NCAA tournaments in discriminatory states like Arkansas

Decision day near on whether NCAA will hold tournaments in states like Arkansas that have passed laws discriminating against transgender people.

Former Razorback runner talks about coming out as transgender

A transgender pro runner, who's recently gone public about gender and sexual orientation, talks of time as an Arkansas Razorback and a fear of returning to the state today.

The NCAA and anti-transgender Arkansas: Showdown looms

The UA thinks it can demonstrate Arkansas is a safe place to be transgender. Right.

A (modern) modest proposal

After all, when it comes to knowing a child's gender, we must be sure!

Selling the boogeyman of the day: Transgender athletes

The national campaign to stoke a culture war using transgender children hit paydirt in Arkansas. It has not been a proud moment for Republican politicians here.

Worse than South Dakota when it comes to transgender people? We'll soon see

Even the governor of South Dakota thinks a transgender athlete ban similar to Arkansas's goes too far.